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DNA Face Masks - Handmade in the USA

Headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, DNA Masks and More, has designed and developed the next-generation of PPE for healthcare workers, first responders, and their families. In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have created a line of PPE that has been long overdue.

The company provides clinically-proven medical grade face masks and more. Our handmade facemasks utilize a tri-laminate filter made from the same non-woven fabrics as N95 masks, complemented by two (2) additional layers of protection designed for comfort and splatter resistance. DNA masks are NOT cotton masks!  Our heavy-duty face masks and surgical masks are reusable, washable, high-quality products designed for front line use against the spread of COVID-19. We offer unique designs, pretty designs, and even custom logo prints for men, women, children, and businesses. 

DNA Masks and More is more than a business, more than a partner, more than hard workers. It’s in our DNA. The company’s strength flows from four areas of expertise: protection, comfort, style and community. DNA Masks and More welcomes new challenges, anticipates trends, offers exceptional customer service, and supports our community. 

Thank you for supporting a service-disabled veteran-owned business and our healthcare community. Help us fight the coronavirus!

Spread the word, not the virus!

Ten (10) Facts About DNA Masks 

1. The owners are husband and wife: a U.S. Marine, combat veteran of the Iraq War and a Nurse Anesthetist with over 10 years of experience in the operating room.

2. DNA is a federal contracting company specializing in facility support services. We have reconfigured to manufacture high-quality, washable PPE.

3. We donate face masks to front line workers.

4. Our products are all handmade in the US by employees who found themselves unemployed due to the pandemic.

5.  Our goal: when DNA sources materials and equipment,  DNA buys American.

6. Our unique ear loop masks design sports a head strap that makes for extended hours of comfort.

7. We value customer feedback in order to improve everyday.

8. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will replace any product that does not meet your expectations.

9. The 4 pillars of DNA medical devices are: PROTECTION, COMFORT, STYLE and COMMUNITY.

10. We appreciate your support!

James & Viviane Dean - DNA Masks Co-founders

James and Viviane Dean, Co-founders of DNA Masks and More