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Still Good After Wash? Face masks can be reused but health experts agree that to get maximum protection reusable masks should be removed and washed regularly. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that reusable masks should be removed and washed at least once per day. The importance of keeping reusable masks clean is because the virus could remain on the cloth or material for a longer period and those pose a greater risk for transmission. There's also a chance that unwashed reusable face masks that are frequently used presents a risk to the weather as particles may have been picked...

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DNA Masks are the only handmade masks that you should be using to protect yourself, your family and your friends and co-workers.

Their extremely high PFE rating of 98.5% speaks for itself, but there are other qualities of DNA Masks that make them a far superior option.
In the current climate of chronic PPE shortages, the reusability and thus economy of DNA Masks is crucial.

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